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Where can you find our Food Trucks?



During the warm Minnesota season (April - November) Aliamama’s Sambusa is out on the streets everyday serving delicious sambusas during lunch, pop ups, and public events. Follow our Instagram page @ to see where our food trucks are located daily.


Our restaurant on wheels caters to corporations/businesses of all kind who are located in food deserted areas. Alimama’s offers a fresh & tasty alternative to the routine lunchbox meals from home. Our services also extend to graduation parties, weddings, and company parties.


Our Food Trucks are involved in more than 75 public events & festivals every summer. Some of the most notable ones are the May Day Parade, Uptown Food Truck Festival, Art Festivals, University of Minnesota Farmers Market, All Neighborhood Roots Markets (Kingsfield, Bloomington)

It’s all about the food.


Our Thin slice lamb gyros meat cooked to perfection. Topped off with lettuce, onions, tomatoes all situated in a hot & grilled pita. 11/10 would recommend this.


Our signature menu item is the Sambusas, they’re so good we named our truck after it. dough filled savory pastry consisting of spiced beef or lentils. finger food at its finest.

One bite will have you fala-fall in love with this one. deep-fried ball or doughnut-shaped patty, made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, herbs, spices, and onions. No, you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy our home made falafel pita or bowl.



The Beginning

 July 2015

Alimama Catering was first established in 2015 with our "Sambusa" Pop-up canopy set-up at the University of Minnesota Farmers Market. We prepare our sambusas using the finest ingredients and techniques that has been perfected in our family for over three generations. We have one goal, to bring our traditional recipes and our community together more than ever before! it's been a great pleasure of introducing new flavors to our beloved home of Minneosta everyday. With our brand's rapid growth, we strive for quality, excellence of service, and outstanding hospitality in a consistent manner.

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