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Our buffet-style catering is perfect for bigger gatherings such as weddings, festivals, graduations or parties of at least 25 or more! Our buffet-style catering really allows you to taste all of Alimama's speical & unique offerings.


Tabouli Salad + Spring Mix
simple salad of very finely chopped vegetables, lots of fresh parsley and bulgur wheat, all tossed with lime juice and olive oil.

Sambusas (Beef or lentil)
hand made dough fill pastries, options consits well seasoned beef for meat lovers, or

lentils for vegetarians (Lentil is not a replacement, it's just as good!)

made with Chickpeas, garbanzo beans, parsley, cilantro, onions, serrano peppers

and lime.


Mediterranean Spiced Rice
golden rice pilaf is a vibrant, flavorful, Mediterranean side dish that is made with special spices, garlic, tumeric and onions. It will make any meal just a little bit tastier.

culinary staple for more than 800 years, consists of a light, fluffy texture that make it an ideal base for an endless array of ingredients.

Baba Ganoush
mashed cooked eggplant mixed with tahini, olive oil, and special seasonings.


Chicken or Beef Shawarma
levantine arab meat preparation, where beef or chicken is placed a spit , and may be prepared and grilled for as long as a day.

Chicken or Beef Curry
typically starts with whole spices, heated in oil. A sauce is then made with onions, ginger, garlic, and tomatoes, and powdered spices. Chicken or beef are then added to the sauce, and simmered until cooked through.

Veggie Platter
a base of your choice,arrange pitas, lentil sambasa, hand tossed falafel, tomatoes and cucumbers on a large platter.

Beverages, sides & sweets

a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey.

Smooties, Beverages, Lemonade, Coffee or Chai

our beverage selections consists of our famous alimama chai, eithiopian light roast coffee, or bottled water/soda.

Pitas & Hummus
original greek pitas served with hummas, which is a dip or spread made with mashed

chickpeas, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.

Pita Chips & Hummus